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Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at RC 2017. Congratulations to all authors!


1. Paper #1: Foundations of Generalized Reversible Computing Michael Frank

2. Paper #3: Designing Parity Preserving Reversible Circuits Goutam Paul, Anupam Chattopadhyay and Chander Chandak

3. Paper #6: Optimizing the Reversible Circuits using Complementary Control Line Transformation Sai Phaneendra P., Chetan Vudadha and M.B. Srinivas

4. Paper #7: An ESOP Based Cube Decomposition Technique for Reversible Circuits Sai Phaneendra P., Chetan Vudadha and M.B. Srinivas

5. Paper #8: A Method to Reduce Resources for Quantum Error Correction Ritajit Majumdar, Saikat Basu and Susmita Sur-Koley

6. Paper #11: Improved Decomposition of Multiple-Control Ternary Toffoli Gates using Muthukrishnan-Stroud Quantum Gates P. Mercy Nesa Rani, Abhoy Kole, Kamalika Datta and Indranil Sengupta

7. Paper #35: REVS: A Tool for Space-Optimized Reversible Circuit Synthesis Alex Parent, Martin Roetteler and Krysta Svore

8. Paper #36: Reversible Nondeterministic Finite Automata Markus Holzer and Martin Kutrib

9. Paper #42: Efficient Construction of QMDDs for Irreversible, Reversible and Quantum Functions Philipp Niemann, Alwin Zulehner, Robert Wille and Rolf Drechsler

10. Paper #43: Capacitive-based Adiabatic Logic Ayrat Galisultanov, Yann Perrin, Gael Pillonnet and Herve Fanet

11. Paper #45: Improving Synthesis of reversible Circuits: Exploiting Redundancies in Paths and Nodes of QMDDs Alwin Zulehner and Robert Wille

12. Paper #47: Exact Global Reordering for Nearest Neighbor Quantum Circuits using A* Alwin Zulehner, Stefan Gasser and Robert Wille

13. Paper #49: Test Pattern generation Effort Evaluation of reversible Circuits Abhoy Kole, Robert Wille, Kamalika Datta and Indranil Sengupta


1. Paper #2: Automated Test Pattern Generation for Multiple Missing Gate Faults in Reversible Circuits Anmol Prakash Surhonne, Anupam Chattopadhyay and Robert Wille

2. Paper #15: Implementing Reversible Object-Oriented Language Features on Reversible Machines Tue Haulund, Torben Mogensen and Robert Gluck

3. Paper #23: Design of Efficient Quantum Circuits using Nearest Neighbor Constraint in 2D Architecture Leniency Marbaniang, Abhoy Kole, Kamalika Datta and Indranil Sengupta

4. Paper #26: Controlled and Uncontrolled SWAP Gates in Reversible Logic Synthesis Md Asif Nashiry, Mozammel Khan and Jacqueline Rice

5. Paper #50: Towards VHDL-based Design of Reversible Circuits Zaid Al-Wardi, Robert Wille and Rolf Drechsler